Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sharing is Caring

Assalamualaikum wbt

"Sharing is Caring"
of course.....YES/NO?
But its fact, sharing something which beneficial to others is caring but sharing something that bring you to the sins is pumping yourself to the sins door. Since we were human being which can't escape from making mistake, we have to accept our own wrong than you will study something if and if you make something extraordinary to make your mistake as your sllybus of your life study....thats will bring to the what we call as IMPROVEMENT...


Please ask yourself...
For the entire of your life, what is something that have you share and beneficial to others??? We never talk about the amount of your sharing but is it realy from your heart or ... "agenda?"


Are you care about you yourself,your family,your villagers, your community, etc.?
Why you take care of them? and
What you get from it?

If your answers is NOTHING, you are safe... but if the answers is SOMETHING, maybe you registered for disasters.....

"just for our reminder friends!!!"
But as said by Maher Zain:::::

Don't despair and never loose hopes...because not your "GEWE" beside you but Allah SWT is always beside you ........


Salman Razeni
Electrical Engineer
of Bintulu Port Authority

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