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Which Leader You Want To Be???

By: Salman ® / 6 November 2009

Nowadays, everyone can be a leader. However, how many people can be an excellent or dreams leader. Each leader has a variety of ways and style of leadership. We often heard about ancient or traditional leadership. What is this type of leadership actually. Where is the level of our leadership? The traditional leadership theory may good for the leaders in review what should and should not be done by a leader.

Traditional leadership theories described the leadership style of leaders into four categories which are workleder, human leader, autocratic leader and democratic leader. At present the theory and practice of leadership has been much expanded. Therefore, leaders, managers and manager free to choose the model of leadership according to the requirements of leadership situations.

Work leader is very concerned about work and productivity of individuals who are led under. They focus on efforts to complete work that should be carried out. Leaders work to do many activities such as planning and implementing work, encourage subordinates to comply with those rules, realizing the target of work to be achieved, clearly explains the distribution of tasks and responsibilities between those leaders and subordinates and others. They are not concerned about relationships with individuals who are working with them. Their works are based on manager or leader instruction. For Dwight Eisenhower, he said that

“ leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it”.

This type of leadership style can improve efficiency and performance but when the leaders are too concerned about productivity alone, the long run it will cause attitude of those who feel there is no subordinate who concern about their welfares. Consequently, job satisfaction among individuals feels that their lead will be reduced and so is their commitment to the tasks may also reduced.

The second category is a human leader. This type of leadership model which focus on humanitarian activities to build a good relationship between him with individuals under the leadership. Leaders of this type that want their preferred by individuals who led by. Effect of that is they all focus on activities that cheer the hearts of those subordinates, prioritize their welfare and provide many explanations to them with no indepedency. The leaders are too concerned about the relationship of humanity until they ignore the productivity aspects of his subordinates. However, some of them are concerned about both. This style of leaders does not like issuing instructions and criticized his subordinates. These factors can result in decreased performance and quality of work.
In the next category we can see the dictator style of a leader. It is called Autocratic leadership. Type of this leadership is very concerned about the status and position as one who respects the individual who has the power. Their are very powerful when being the leader and they want a hundred percent compliance of his subordinates. They do not like the opinion or decision objects by his subordinates. To get the compliance, they use strategy of punishment and rewards .They are very confident to their own leadership. However, other individuals opinions can not be considered. They like forcing their opinions and ideas on others. The people believe that they must adhere to the leader so there is no better opinions than a leader one.
For this category, their a few characteristics of autocratian which mean the people who are under the autocratic leadership.The first might be they are very concerned to their moral autority. they are very concerned about the moral authority among their own group and they concerned about status, power and position of individuals around them as they are concerned about their own status. They connect themselves with people who have power in their own group and they more looking who are spoke rather than what is spoken by.
The last is what we call as democratic leadership. Democratic leader give much more freedom and responsibility on the individuals who led. They be open on various proposals and views of subordinates and gives freedom to perform their duties to the best quality. The syle of leadership preferred balance between productivity of work and people working at once. Democratic leadership style allows relationships and feelings of sincere in her motion.
Thus, as a leaders we had sense and is free to choose and implement the preferred leadership style. However, should bare in our mind that we are not born to lead people or anyone. We are born to cooperate each other. And need to be reminded leads work is for all as the purposes on the creation of man and nature itself is to lead this world into freedom.

Tahnk you.

Written by;
Salman bin Razeni

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